Quip Web Designs in focused on meeting the unique Internet presence needs of your business or personal life. I offer a flexible array of custom services that include:

  • Website design- I will initially meet with you to discuss your vision of what you would like your site to look like. We will then proceed from there. I will create a mock-up for you to visualize your site. We go from there to create your website.
  • Graphic design- If there is a need for some form of graphics or logo, I can help you design what you visualize.
  • Low-cost hosting- need a landing place for your site? Look no further. I can assist you with low cost hosting based on a yearly contract.
  • Web & Email Forwarding- Email forwarding gives you a professional-looking custom email address and the ability to use a popular email client of your choice.
  • Domain name Whois Privacy- Helps prevent people from accessing public information about your name, email address, phone number, and postal address from domain name registration records. 
  • Consulting services- Don’t know what your looking for? I will take as much time as you need until we find the perfect fit.

Contact me at  today to see how we can help you!